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    Strictly speaking, the only direct quality evaluation of lists in the Hardin Meta Directory is connection rate - sites with 93% connection rate get the Clean Bill of Health award. However, connection rate has importance beyond simply telling the proportion of links at a site that connect successfully; it also serves as an excellent general indicator of the level of care and attention that's given to a site - If a site has a good connection rate, it means that someone cares enough about the site to keep it maintained, not only making sure links are connecting, but probably also keeping it updated by continuing to add new links.

    A high level of care and maintenance also generally goes along with good subject cohesiveness - A novice list-keeper will likely be tempted to add a lot of out-of-subject links ("Cool links" - weather, sports, general reference, etc). An experienced list-keeper, however, comes to realize that it takes time and effort to maintain links, so he/she learns to drop the superfluous links - Cut the fat, and only keep the essential, subject-specific links.

    So, we think the Clean Bill of Health award is more than just a measure of connection rate - In a sense, it actually does serve as a measure of the general health, or vitality, of a site!

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