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Ringworm Pictures from CDC

Many more pictures at: Hardin MD : Ringworm   |   Picture Gallery

These pictures & accompanying information are from the Public health image library database (PHIL) of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). See below for more information on searching PHIL. Click links below to go to full-size pictures & text information.

Ringworm on arm
Ringworm on arm
Ringworm on bearded area
Ringworm of scalp
Athletes Foot
Ringworm Toenails
Ringworm - Trichophyton
Ringworm on Arm 1
Ringworm on Arm 2
Ringworm on Bearded Area
Ringworm of Scalp
Athletes Foot
Ringworm Toenails
Ringworm - Trichophyton

To do the search that retrieves these pictures, go to PHIL & search for: ringworm or tinea. The pictures above are a good representation of the 20-25 ringworm skin pictures in PHIL. There are about 100 microbiological pictures of tinea in PHIL.

The text information with each picture is the same as in CDC/PHIL; the CDC database also provides a link to a high-resolution publication-quality version for each picture (very large files).

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