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Tularemia Picture

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Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia Francisella
Tularemia rash
Tularemia 1
Tularemia 2
Tularemia 3 *
Tularemia 4
Tularemia 5
Tularemia 6
Tularemia 7

Lyme Disease : Male / Female Ticks

This Vermont muskrat trapper contracted tularemia, which manifested as a cutaneous lesion on his left lateral forehead. Tularemia is a potentially serious illness that occurs naturally in the United States. It is caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis found in animals, especially rodents, rabbits, hares, and muskrats, and can be used as a bioterorrism agent.

Tick-Borne Diseases : Tularemia

Content Providers(s): CDC/ Dr. Roger A. Feldman

Picture & text from CDC/PHIL. For more information see Tularemia Pictures from CDC

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