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Tularemia Picture

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Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia rash
Tularemia Francisella
Tularemia rash
Tularemia 1
Tularemia 2
Tularemia 3
Tularemia 4
Tularemia 5
Tularemia 6 *
Tularemia 7

Lyme Disease : Male / Female Ticks

This is a photomicrograph of Francisella tularensis bacteria using a methylene blue stain. The bacterium F. tularensis is considered to be a dangerous potential biological weapon because of its extreme infectivity, ease of dissemination, and substantial capacity to cause illness and death.

Tick-Borne Diseases : Tularemia

Content Providers(s): CDC/Dr. P. B. Smith.

Picture & text from CDC/PHIL. For more information see Tularemia Pictures from CDC

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