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AIDS Picture (Hardin MD Super Site Sample)

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This is a sample picture from DermAtlas, Johns Hopkins University.
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aids oral hiv

Diagnosis: Lichen planus / Human immunodeficiency virus infection / Wart Condyloma acuminatum

Comments: This 43-year-old man with Human immunodeficiency virus infection developed painful erosions on his buccal mucosa and a thick scaly violaceous plaque on the mid back 6 months earlier. Recently he complained of rapidly growing warty nodules on his lips extending onto the buccal mucosa.

Category: papulosquamous eruptions / infections and infestations
Morphology: plaqulous (plaque / nodule / tumor) Organization: confluent
Pattern: solitary Color: purple / brown
Body Site: buccal mucosa / mouth vermillion/ vermilion border Age: 43 years
Gender: Male Image Year: 2003
Contributor: Bernard Cohen, MD First Published: September 22, 2003
Description: confluent warty nodules and plaques; erosions on buccal mucosa

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