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Fifth Disease Picture (Hardin MD Super Site Sample)

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This is a sample picture from DermAtlas, Johns Hopkins University.
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cellulitis rash
cellulitis rash
cellulitis rash
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fifth disease skin rash

Diagnosis: Parvovirus gloves and socks syndrome / Fifth disease / Erythema infectiosum / Viral infections, Exanthem

Comments: A 4 year old girl with cyclic vomiting developed fever and malaise in association with a diffuse reticulated exanthem with slapped cheek erythema and purpura particularly on the hands and feet. PCR for Parvovirus B 19 was positive

Category: reactive erythema / infections and infestations
Morphology: macular / flat (macule / patch) / plaqulous (plaque / nodule / tumor)
Pattern: symmetric / generalized, disseminated Color: red / purple Organization: reticulated Body Site: face / cheek / chest / total body
Age: 4 years Gender: female Image Year: 2001
Contributor: Bernard Cohen, MD First Published: March 16, 2002
Description: diffuse reticulated erythematous eruption with slapped cheeks and purpura particularly on hands and feet.

Image & content, Copyright Dermatlas, Johns Hopkins University.

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