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Ringworm Picture (Hardin MD Super Site Sample)

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This is a sample picture from DermAtlas, Johns Hopkins University.
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Diagnosis: Tinea Corporis / Dermatophytosis

Comments: This 7-year-old boy had multiple widespread annular plaques ranging from 1-5 cm in diameter. These lesions had been progressing for 6 weeks. His mother had 4 similar plaques on her left arm for 2 weeks. A potassium hydroxide preparation obtained from the scaly border on one of the mother's lesions was loaded with branching hyphae. The boy was treated with oral griseofulvin, and his mother cleared with a topical antifungal cream. Just before the eruption began the family purchased pet white rats, and both were noted to have itchy scaly patches.

Category: infections and infestations / papulosquamous eruptions
Morphology: papulosquamous (bump, scale) Organization: annular / confluent Pattern: sites not clothing covered Color: red
Body Site: abdomen / chest cheek / face arm Age: 7 years
Gender: Male Image Year: 2004
Contributor: Bernard Cohen, MD First Published: February 17, 2004
Description: discrete and confluent red scaly annular plaques

Image & content, Copyright Dermatlas, Johns Hopkins University.

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