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Scabies Picture (Hardin MD Super Site Sample)

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This is a sample picture from DermAtlas, Johns Hopkins University.
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scabies hand

Diagnosis: Scabies / Burrow

Comments: All the family members including the parents of these children were suffering from scabies for at least 3 months. They were treated with a single overnight application of permethrin 5 % cream and oral antibiotics for one week.

Category: infections and infestations / papulosquamous eruptions
Morphology: papulosquamous (bump, scale)
Organization: grouped, clustered / scattered
Pattern: symmetric / generalized, disseminated Color: red
Body Site: hand Age: 5 years Gender: Image Year: 2005
Contributor: Shahbaz A. Janjua, MD First Published: May 17, 2005
Description: symmetric red papulopustules and crusts.

Image & content, Copyright Dermatlas, Johns Hopkins University.

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