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These are instructions for searching subject or authors within the PubMed Medline searches on the Hardin MD Free Medical Journals page. This applies to the global searches at the top of the page, and to the searches for specific journals.

1. After doing the PubMed Medline search, click History, in the top gray bar.This goes to a screen that lists the search query that was used to find the journal(s), under the gray bar that says "Most recent queries." The search will be listed as "Search #1."

2. Toward the top of this screen is the search box, with the cursor flashing to the left of the numbers denoting the search. Click the Clear button to the right of the search box to remove the numbers.

3. With the search box empty, type #1 AND YourSearchTerm. Try, for example, typing in the search box: #1 AND internet (Note that AND must be UPPER-CASE).

4. After typing in the search, click the Preview button to see how many articles are retrieved or the Go button to look immediately at the citations.

5. Remember that for the searches on the Free Medical Journals page that are in shaded rows, the PubMed Medline citations have direct links to the full-text article. For journals that do not have direct full-text links, return to the Free Medical Journals page, and find the issue in which the article appears by following the Back Issues link for the journal.

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