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Links to Hardin

Notable links to Hardin MD from around the Web (Newest links added at bottom of list)

* BUBL Link - 613 Promotion of health: general resources
-10.28.97, 4.99. Link to Hardin MD
* Internet Public Library - Diseases, Disorders & Syndromes Reference, School of Information, University of Michigan
-12.18.98, 4.99. Lists Hardin MD, with a lengthy annotation
* National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health - Other Medical sites
-12.18.98, 4.99. Hardin MD included
* Medline Plus (National Library of Medicine)
-3.19.99, 4.99. Lists Medical and Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
* Oxford and Cambridge Institute for Health Informatics
-3.26.99, 4.99. Has link to Hardin MD/Informatics page
* University of Arizona Health Science Library - Resource Guides
-3.30.99. The home page links to five secondary category pages. One of these is Resource Guides - It has 7 links; all of these except one are to broad categories (Medical Topics A-Z, Arizona Resources, Consumer Health Information, Health News, Search Engines, Other Libraries). The one link that is a specific site is "Hardin Meta Directory."
* Links to other sources of health information, World Health Organization
-4.29.99. Includes link to Hardin MD
* Internet Links - Dental Resources, Univ Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library
-8.26.99. Entry for Hardin MD Dentistry says "This site is maintained by Hardin - who needs to say more! ..."
* Health Sciences guides on the Internet, China Medical University, Shenyang, China
-8.26.99. Lists several clinical specialties, with a few links for each, including Hardin MD in most of the specialties.
* Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Resources in Medicine and Consumer Health Resources
-9.2.99. Both pages have a short list of medicine starting point sites in left sidebar that has Hardin MD, WWW Virtual Library, Yahoo, Medweb.
* NOVA Online - Cut to the heart, (Website accompanying PBS TV program, broadcast 4.8.97, 8.10.99)
-9.15.99. On the Resources page, a short list includes 5 links, including Hardin MD Cardiology page.
* Univ Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center - Learning Center - General medical information
-9.15.99. Hardin MD is first in a short list of 13 resources.
* A Starter Set of Internal Medicine Web Bookmarks, American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine
-9.15.99. "Search Engines/Indices - Medical" includes just 3 links - Cliniweb, Med World Search, and Hardin MD.

Leave the list-keeping to us! - Sites with multi-specialty links to the Hardin MD

These lists of medical specialties include just a handful of specific sites that they've chosen, and also link to the corresponding Hardin MD specialty page. They are thus giving their users the idea that they don't pretend to present a complete list of sites in the specialty, and that if that's desired, the user should consult the comprehensive lists in the Hardin MD. These links are especially noteworthy because they follow a pattern that we think is reasonable, that we'd like to encourage more, namely utilizing the comprehensive specialty lists in the Hardin MD instead of having every site trying to keep its own lists!

* Naval Hospital of Jacksonville (FL) - Medical Links
-4.14.98, 4.9.99. Each clinical specialty has a few resources listed; most also have link to corresponding Hardin MD page.
* Medicinska linkar (Medical Links), Sahlgrenska University Hospital ("one of Europe's largest hospitals"), Goteborg University, Sweden
-4.14.98, 8.18.98, 4.9.99. Separate page for each specialty, with 1-3 primary links, accompanied by links to Hardin MD, Medical Matrix, Medweb
* Medicus links (Click "Global sites," choose specialty)
-3.31.98, 4.9.99. From Japan. Global sites section - Specialty - Each specialty has subject-specific HMD pg, along with 4-5 other index sites.
* SciCentral - Health, Dialog Corporation
-3.16.98, 4.13.98, 4.9.99. Each specialty has subject-specific HMD pg, along with 3-4 other index sites.
* Rex Healthcare/ Hospital Library, Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC
-8.18.98. HMD one of a few links for most subjects on page
* Somerset Local Medical Committee (UK)
-8.18.98, 4.9.99. HMD one of a few links for most subjects on page. A semi-governmental in the UK, the "representative body for General Practitioners at a local and national level."
* Medicine and the Internet - Appendix: Medical specialty resources, by Eric Rumsey
10.97, 3.98, 4.99. This is part of the book Medicine and the Internet (2nd ed, 1997, Oxford University Press, by Bruce McKenzie). In the printed book, it's pp 303-314; it consists of an annotated list of top resources from each specialty in the Hardin Meta Directory. See also separate web page Medical Specialty and Interest Resources, which lists a few resources for each specialty, followed by "MORE? See: specialty @ Hardin Meta Directory [University of Iowa]"
* University of Modena, Italy, Medical library
12.00. Link list for ca 35 subjects, with a handful of links for each, most having a prominent link to the appropriate Hardin MD page.


University of Iowa links to Hardin Library and to Hardin MD

* UI Health Care Resources
-4.11.00. This is a high-level page in the UI Web - It's linked directly from the UI home page, and is also a direct link on all University of Iowa Hospitals web pages. It has a prominent link to the Hardin Library, as a "Quick link," in the sidebar. On this page are links to other pages serving as gateways for various groups - students, staff, researchers, medical professionals and referrers, and patients. Each of these pages has 4-12 campus health care links, and on each of the pages Hardin Library and Hardin MD are among these key resources.
* University of Iowa Web Awards
-4.11.00. Includes Hardin MD, listing several awards.
* ITC home page ("Useful sites at UI")
-4.11.00. This is set as the home page for Netscape in all campus ITCs. In a list of 35-40 links, it includes Hardin Library and Healthnet.
* University of Iowa Hospitals
-4.11.00. Has link to Hardin Library on home page.
* UI College of Dentistry
-4.11.00. Home page has link to Hardin MD.
* Dermatology Dept, UI College of Medicine
-4.11.00. Has a prominent link at the top of the page to "Hardin searches PubMed." Also displays the Hardin MD Clean Bill of Health logo, and has a link to Hardin MD.
* Internal Medicine Dept, UI College of Medicine
-4.11.00. All pages have prominent side bar link to Hardin Library, and to our list of electronic journals.
* UI Health Care - Related UI health sites
-4.11.00. A short list of 10 sites includes health colleges, Virtual Hospital sites, Hardin Library, and Hardin MD.