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Psoriasis Hand Picture from Google Books

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Plate 21 - 58 year old male. Psoriasis. Cornua cutanea (with degenerative [from Uric-Acid diathesis] changes in right hand and left foot)

Over the general surface, with the exception of the face, neck, breast, and the back down to the sacrum, are to be seen innumerable lentil- to palm-sized scaly patches (psoriasis guttata et nummularis). In certain places, as on the buttocks and lower legs, the eruption has become confluent and formed festoons. Over the olecranon, left arm, iks a chestnut-sized, rounded, closely-adherent, heaped-up, shell-like scale, surrounded by a red infiltrated border. Similar lesions are to be seen, with smaller crust-formation, heaped up and rounded in form, on the forearms, hands,and lower extremities. Upon lifting the shell-like accumulation from these lesions, the papillae are disclosed, the surface bleeding easily. On the extensor surface of the right elbow the eruption is fo the usual character. On the extensor surfaces of both knees are yellowish crusts seated upon grater-like, raw-looking skin.

On the dorsal aspect of the second joints of the fingers of the left hand are also heaped-up, oyster-shell-like scaly crust-formations; in consequence of which the fingers are held in a bent position and cannot be extended--the stiffness of the joints of this part is, however, partly responsible. The nails of these fingers are thickened, of dirty gray color, fissured lengthwise, and lifted up from the matrix by a horny accumulation beneath. -- From description by Mracek/Google Books (More ...)

Text and picture (scroll down for Plate 21 picture) are from the Google Books version of Atlas of diseases of the skin, by Franz Mracek, 1899.


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