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Tropical Diseases : Picture Gallery

Sources of Pictures : DermNet | CDC | Univ Iowa | DermAtlas | [More on Sources]
These pictures are hosted on Hardin MD (Links to pictures on other sites)

AIDS HIV bubonic plague chickenpox Flavivirus Flea Bite
AIDS Bubonic Plague (6) Chagas Disease (6) Flavivirus (4) Flea Bites (12)
Flea Bite Childrens Diseases Hookworms Lyme disease athletes foot Leprosy
Flea Bites (2) Herpes Hookworm (12) Insect Bites Leishmaniasis (6) Leprosy (11)
chickenpox Marburg virus
Measles Rash
Mouth cancer Lyme disease Ringworm
Malaria (12) Marburg (14)
Measles (12)
Mouth Cancer (17) Myiasis (6) Ringworm (7)
Ringworm Ringworm Ringworm Scabies Scabies Scabies
Ringworm (1) Ringworm (23) Ringworm (6) Scabies (7) Scabies (12) Scabies (1)
syphilis Ticks Toenail Fungus Yeast Infection Flavivirus
Syphilis (36) Ticks (24) Toenail Fungus (6) Yeast Infection (12) Yellow Fever (2)

Tropical Disesase Pictures hosted by Hardin MD : Sources

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