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Addison's Disease Picture : Kidneys

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addison's disease skin
addison's disease skin
addison's disease skin
addison's disease skin
addison's disease skin
Plate 8 *

addison's disease


Fig. 1. the left kidney and diseased supra-renal capsule of Elizabeth Lawrence. Case VIII.
Fig. 2. The left supra-renal capsule of Jane Roff, exhibiting a fungoig growth obstructing the vein of the capsule at its entrance into the renal vein. Case X.
Fig. 3. Section of the same, exhibiting sanguineous infiltration of the organ.
Fig. 4. Section of one of the supra-renal capsules of James Jackson, with strumous deposit. Case II.
fig. 5. Exterior view of the same.
Fig. 6. Kidney and diseased supra-renal capsule of William Godfrey. Case XI.
Fig. 7. Microscopic view displaying meshes composed of a delicate stroma of transparent and fibrous tissue, containing cancer-cells, taken from the diseased supra-renal capsule of William Godfrey.
Fig. 8. Cancer-juice, consisting of well-formed cells, with large nuclei and nucleoli, from the same.

Picture & text from original description of Addison's Disease, by Thomas Addison, in his book On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules. The book was scanned at the University of Iowa Libraries; for the original scan, see Plate 8 on the UI site.

For more information on the book, see Thomas Addison's Pictures.


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