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Dermochromes 166 : Leprosy Picture

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leprosy skin
leprosy skin
leprosy skin
leprosy skin
leprosy skin
leprosy skin
leprosy rash
Lepr 6 *

leprosy, skin


Figure 166. Lepra; Ulcus perforans. Model from Neisser's Clinic in Breslau (Kroener). The daughter of a fisherman from the neighborhood of Memel, aged seventeen, with disturbances of sensibility; wasting, especially of the arms and legs, noticed for a year and a half; pigmentary and blanched areas on the trunk; atrophy of the hands, especially of the thenar, hypothenar, and interosseous muscles.

Picture & text from Dermochromes, by Jerome Kingsbury. For more information see Pictures from Dermatochromes


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