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Medical Pictures from Dermochromes

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Dermochromes is a classic dermatology text-book written in 1913, by Jerome Kingsbury. From the preface:

This Portfolio of Dermochromes contains 266 colored and 6 black and white illustrations. All of the colored plates are from Jacobi's "Atlas der Hautkrankheiten" and 217 of the figures appeared in the fourth American edition of this work, known here as the Jacobi Dermochromes. The remaining 49 figures are from the fifth German edition of the Atlas and are now, by arrangement with the German publisher, presented for the first time in this country. The images are made using a wax moulaging, or modeling, technique.

Cataloging information from the National Library of Medicine:

Author(s): Kingsbury, Jerome, 1871-; Jacobi, Eduard, 1862-1915. Atlas der Hautkrankheiten.; States, William Gaynor
Title(s): Dermochromes. Text by Jerome Kingsbury, chapters on syphilis by William Gaynor States.
Publisher: New York, Rebman, [c1914]
Description: 3 v. ill.
Language: English
Notes: Contains 266 illustrations from the 5th ed. of Jacobi's Atlas der Hautkrankheiten.
NLM ID: 48220580R [Book]

Dermochromes is in the collection of the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, at the University of Iowa
University of Iowa Libraries : Catalog record.

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